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What is your return policy?

Due to the personal nature in which our products are used, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

We do not offer refunds or replacements for purchases made at any of our markets or retail locations.

Please contact the retail shop directly to inquire about returns.



What is a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are spheres or unique shapes that fizzle and dissolve rapidly when tossed into hot or warm bath water. They are designed to soothe, detox, help you relax and even add some fun to your bath experience.


Will your bath bombs stain my tub?


However, build-up from soap, etc can create a barrier on your tub that colorants will cling to. A freshly clean tub will lessen the chance of our bath products leaving a color ring. It can easily be wiped away with a wet cloth or sponge and bathtub cleaner.


How long is the shelf life?

The sooner you use the bath bomb the better. The longer you wait, the less effective the product will be. Store your bath bombs in its original packaging to protect the bath bomb from moisture and drying out. Our bath bombs are freshest when used within 6 months.


Are the ingredients safe to go down the drain?

Of course! Our bath bombs are made with biodegradable ingredients that are good for your body and our planet.


Can I use a bath bomb if I am pregnant?

If have questions about using particular products during pregnancy please consult your physician. We list all of our ingredients for each product, so please feel free to share them with your physician prior to purchasing.

Are bath bombs safe for kids?

Generally, our bath bombs are safe to use for children ages 2 and over. Please consult a Pediatrician before purchasing if there is a concern.


Will bath bombs irritate the skin?

Our bath bombs should not irritate your skin. They should not be used with broken or already-irritated skin. It is important to note that reactions to particular scents and essential oils are dependent on the person, so make sure you know what works best for you and your skin.

Can you use bath bombs in a hot tub/jacuzzi?

Due to the coloring and frequency of which a typical jacuzzi is drained, we don’t recommend it. 

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